About the Course

The Correspondence Course of Vidyamandir Classes, like our Classroom Courses, is the most sought after distance learning programs for IITJEE preparation. The course was started in 2008 to benefit students who cannot join our Classroom programs.The courseware has been prepared by teachers of Vidyamandir Classes, keeping in mind the present trend of IITJEE. Major emphasis has been given to self study and the lessons have been designed to keep the fundamentals and approach, simple and straight forward.

Each lesson has concepts, illustrations, objective solved examples, subjective solved examples and exercises to help the student grasp the fundamental concepts.

Selection of questions has been done very carefully with questions ranging from concept based illustrations to difficult problems.

Course Highlights

  • More than 150+ hrs of Video lectures from the Core VMC Faculty.
  • 10 Modules for each subject : Each module will have about two chapters of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with Solutions
  • Video Lectures and the printed modules will be completely synchronized.
  • Online Tests after every Chapter
  • 10 All India Test Series and Rankings across all VMC Students

IITJEE Ranks from the Correspondence Course

JEE Advanced 2016

S.No. Rank Holders Rank**
1 Prabhat Agarwal 101
2 Nidanshu Arora 160
3 Avinash Bhutani 302
4 Mohit Gupta 335
5 Rahul Singh 381
6 Kanika Agarwal 516
7 Akanksha Makkar 690
8 Akash Goyal 850
9 Kshitij Agrawal 1009

JEE Main 2016

S.No. Rank Holders Rank**
1 Mohit Gupta 25
2 Rahul Singh 370
3 Kritika Sachdeva 2393
4 Akash Goyal 3814
5 Anant Shandilya 3831
6 Keshan Goel 4963
** All Ranks shown above are only of those students who were enrolled for Correspondence course with Vidyamandir Classes. The combined result of all Classroom program and Correspondence course students of Vidyamandir Classes is available in our Recent results section.

* All Correspondence Course students who secure a TOP 1000 IITJEE Rank will be given a full refund of the course fee.

.......a comprehensive self study course with extensive problem solving & online assessment

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