About NAT

NAT (National Admission Test) is a National Level Online Test for Admission and Scholarship. It is the biggest test of the year by Vidyamandir.


  • Students get to benchmark against the best brains across India to assess their potential
  • Students get to Save Minimum 40,000 rupees on Fee and get up to 100% Scholarship on select Classroom programs
  • Students will Study at Last Year’s Fee and there would not be an increment in Fee for students selected through NAT
  • Students get Up to 120 Hrs of Live Classes Free till March 2021, relevant to their current curriculum
  • Easy EMI Options available for Fee

Students can register online by paying Rs. 99 or through promotional codes here :

Additionally students can also register through their nearest centres

  • After following all steps and filling details, students will receive the admit card on their registered email ID.
  • Students must check all details on the admit card and validate them. In case of any discrepancy, they should contact VMC support team or their nearest centres

In case students have not received the admit card after making payment, this may be due to the following reasons:

  • Incomplete registration process : Students would have made the payment but did not complete the process of filling details after payment
  • Students would have completed the process but have not received the email : In such cases students must check the inbox and spam folder and if they have not received the mail, they need to contact support team or their nearest centre and keep their Order ID /Registered mobile ready to be shared

Students will receive a mock test link after 1st March to check the login process and how the test would look and feel. This would be a short test of 30 minutes and not as the normal test which is of 3 Hours.

Students will receive Test Link with the instructions 24 hours before the test.

Steps to be followed on the Test day to give NAT

  • Click to open the link
  • Please mention in the email field your rollno@vmc.com
    Ex: If your Roll No. is 556677880 please enter 556677880@vmc.com
  • Second field for Name, please enter your First name ONLY
    Ex. If your name is Anuj Sharma, please enter anuj (all letters should be small)
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Provide your snapshot (If asked by the system)
  • Take Snapshot of ID card (Valid Govt. ID - Aadhaar or School ID) (If asked by the system)
  • You can start the test now. Please follow the instructions to navigate on screen.
  • Enable desktop view if you are giving test on mobile
  • Please check if the course mentioned on the communication is correct.
  • You must start the test within 30 minutes of test start time, failing which you will start to lose time from the 3 hours allocation
  • You must click the link and enter 15 minutes before the test
  • In case of any issues pertaining to login, course, etc., please call +91 8585947897 / +91 8588836977 or email us on support@vidyamandir.com
  • Please ensure you have good net connectivity.
  • In case the test stops due to connectivity issues or you are accidentally logged out, please login again by following steps 1 to 4 and you can resume from where you left within 20 minutes.
  • During the test, candidate's screen activity will be monitored and in case the candidate tries to switch the test screen then the test will be auto submitted


  • Test all your gadgets and network connection as suggested in the guidelines before the exam starts. Ensure that your Laptop is charged.
  • Run the 'compatibility check' before taking the test.
  • Ensure that the web camera is enabled and switched on with enough light for visibility.
  • Uninstall any third party software installed on the system for webcam before starting the test
  • Keep your Government ID proof ready to show when prompted for.
  • Please only TYPE your details in the registration form and do not copy-paste.
  • Please use only your registered email ID for logging into the exam.
  • Keep a check on your proctor chat window. Proctors try to reach you only for important messages.
  • In any case if you move away from your test window, you will receive a warning message. Not adhering to the warning will lead to auto-submission of the exam. Please ensure all notifications, pop-ups are closed before you start the test to avoid the computer screen navigation away from the online test window.


  • Do not refer to any other material or do not browse the internet to find the solution. Your screen details will get captured from the backend for monitoring and review.
  • During the exam do not access your mobile phone, earphone, calculator or any other electronic device during the exam
  • During the exam Monitoring will be real-time, and hence your exam may get terminated if unfair practice is followed.
  • Please note that the system will detect suspicious activities (additional people in the room, using mobile phones/calculators/books, candidate absence and other suspicious movement etc), and report such activities to the authorities.
  • There should be no one around you or talking to you while you are giving the exam.
  • Please ensure that there are no loud noises or disturbances of any kind. Do not read the questions aloud.
  • Bio breaks are not allowed during the exam.
  • Important Note: “During the examination; cases of malpractice, copying and impersonation etc. occurring are duly booked and reported to the Institute and it would enforce to take appropriate action or termination of the respective exam”
  • I have not generated my Roll No.
    It is mandatory to generate roll no. to be able to give NAT. After payment, student must fill all details to generate roll no. Students must contact their nearest center or support team for generating roll no.
  • I had registered for NAT but have not received any email
    Student can check the registered email and the spam/junk folder. In case he/she hasn’t received the mail, then he/she must contact nearest center or support team at the earliest.
  • I had enrolled for 20th Dec NAT but was not able to give Test
    The student can take the test on 3rd January, but the student needs to share the request with the nearest centre or support team for changes.
  • I want to register for NAT. Till when can I do it?
    The registrations for 20th Dec NAT will be stopped on 18th Dec (23:59 HRS). Student can register for the test on 3rd Jan thereafter till 8 PM on 2nd January.
  • I am not able to login with my credentials
    Student must check the credentials and try again, instead of copy pasting student must type details. If problem persists, please contact nearest center/support team.
  • Will the students get a Mock Test?
    The students who have registered will get link to check how the test works. The Mock test links will be shared with students starting Tuesday (1st December)
  • I am facing issue with my camera and mic and am unable to resolve it
    Kindly follow the below mentioned steps to resolve the issue. Click on the Camera icon on the top right side of the address bar to allow tests.mettl.com to access the Camera on Chrome. Click on the lock icon on the top left side of the address bar to allow the Camera and Microphone to be used in the Browser Once done, refresh the page by pressing F5 key on the Keyboard. Note: If you are not getting the camera icon on the right-hand side of the screen, check if your camera is working. It might also be possible that any third-party application is using it (like skype, live chat app etc.) Close all the applications which might be using Camera and Microphone.
  • When will the results be declared?
    Results are expected on 11th Mar (After 6 PM) for 7th Mar NAT (These are expected dates, in case of a delay centres and support team will be informed)
  • Will students get complete analysis of the test?
    Yes, Students will receive complete analysis of the test with the results.
  • Can I give the test again as I am not happy with the results?
    Students unhappy with results can register for NAT in December once the registrations open in November. Students can give a maximum of 2 tests.
  • I am an existing student, Can I get additional discounts on the based on NAT marks?
    Existing Students can give NAT for assessment, however they would not be able to avail any benefits over and above the current benefits already extended to them.
  • How many attempts can I make at VMC’s Scholarship tests?
    Maximum 2 attempts
  • Is Camera mandatory for giving the test?
    Yes, Camera is mandatory for giving the test
  • Q. I am unable to start the test, getting the message “This Test has been deactivated”, What should I do?
    This message is displayed when the time window for participation in the test has lapsed. We would suggest you connect with the same team/organization/university/person who shared the test information with you.
  • Q. I have been waiting for getting authorized for the test and getting the message “We are currently processing your authorization submission” or “You are in the queue. Please wait while your details are being authorized”
    This message is displayed when your details are being validated or you are in the queue to be validated by the authorizer. Kindly wait for some more time in the queue for your submission to be processed.
    Note: Your test timing is not impacted because of this as the timer starts when you see the first question of the test.
  • Q. My Test got interrupted in between and got disconnected. What to Do?
    ● In case power/ network connection is lost in the middle of the test (or in any case of disconnection from the test server),the candidates can resume their test with the same e-mail id that was used in the initial attempt. This can be done within a time-frame of 20 minutes since the disconnection. The candidates’ attempts as well as the remaining time are saved according to the point of last communication. However, since the test window remains active for a few minutes while the system attempts to reconnect with the server, the answers marked by the candidate during this period are not sent to the server & are not seen when the test is resumed.
    ●In case your internet is fluctuating or disconnecting from the server continuously then shutdown the system directly using power button. Do not navigate from the test screen or close the browser. Once the system is up and working, kindly make sure your internet connection is stable and then follow the same procedure (as followed in the initial attempt) in order to start the test.
  • Q. I am unable to start the test, getting the message “This Test has been deactivated”, What should I do?
    This message is displayed when the time window for participation in the test has lapsed. We would suggest you connect with the same team/organization/university/person who shared the test information with you.
  • Q. I am unable to start the test, getting the message “Connection with Chat Server Failed”, What should I do?
    This message is displayed when there is a restriction in the Network / System being used.
    ●If you are not using an office system. Kindly disable the antivirus & firewall (If any).
    ●You can also try to switch to different internet connection.
    ●Try changing the system if the issue persists.
    ●If you are using an Office system / Office Network. Kindly connect with the IT team at your organization
  • Q. I am unable to start the test as I am getting the message “Email Id not authorized” What should I do?
    Please check the email entered by you as per the login communication/instructions shared. If problem persists a dummy roll no/ credentials will be shared.
  • Q. I am unable to start the test as I am getting the message “This value does not match with records” What should I do?
    This message is displayed when the entered value does not match the value provided for registration Please follow the below steps
    ●Enter the details on which you used while registering/shared with Vidyamandir
    ●Enter the details manually (type it in) rather than copy-pasting it. Ensure that there are not any spaces added as a prefix or suffix.
    ●Kindly check if there is any typing error while entering the details.
    ●If the issue persists, kindly
  • Q. Why is the test resume button not getting highlighted?
    After internet disconnection, it usually takes 7-8 minutes for the Resume button to be enabled or turn blue. Kindly wait for this duration.
  • Q. I am unable to start the test as I am getting the message “Older Browser Detected”. What should I do?
    Please ensure that you have the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. If not, kindly update your browser to latest version.
  • Q. I am unable to start the test as I am getting the message “We have detected multiple screens”. What should I do?
    You usually get this message when you have multiple screens connected while starting/attempting the test. Mettl’s system considers this as a part of unfair means and as an anti-cheating measure, you are asked to remove multiple connected screens before starting the test Resolution Steps
    ●If any external screen or any video cables like VGA/DVI/HDMI etc is connected to the system, kindly remove them.
    ●Press and Hold Windows Key and Press “P” and select PC Screen Only Option.
    ●Any application like Skype, TeamViewer etc. which uses screen-sharing feature must be terminated.
  • Q. I am unable to start the test as I am getting the message “This test will start on March XX, 2X2X at XPM(Asia/Kolkata)” What should I do?
    This message is displayed when the test is being accessed before the scheduled start time. The scheduled time to startthe test is also mentioned in the test invitation email or in the message displayed on the screen. Kindly start the test at the mentioned date and time.
  • Q. I am stuck on “Test Page is Loading”, what should I do?
    ●The issue might occur due to many possible reasons. Please try the following.
    ●Check Internet Connectivity.
    ●Hard Shutdown and then try.
    ●Try after clearing Cache & Cookies of the browser.
    ●Switch to Firefox from Chrome or vice versa.
  • Q. I am unable to type in my responses on the text box provided?
    Please follow the below mentioned steps.
    ●Hard Shutdown the system by pressing and holding the power button down.
    ●Reboot the system and check the version of the browser.
    ●Use an updated version of Chrome/Firefox after clearing cache and cookies of the browser.
  • Q. I am unable to start the test as I am getting the message “You are not allowed to take the test from this location XXX.XXX.X.X”. What should I do?
    This message is displayed when your test administrator has implied restrictions on the IP address from which hdnUserCountryCode a test. This means, you can attempt test only on a few selected IP addresses. To get more information, you can connect with the concerned person/team/organization.

Contact for support

Please contact your nearest centre of central support team in case of any issues

Location Contact
Central Support Team 8585947897 / 8588836977
Head Office - Pitampura 011-45221191-93 / 7291971951
Anand Vihar 7290045422
Agra 7055627627
Angul 8527024321, 7992356228, 9065615269, 9530667676
Bareilly 6395077904
Bengaluru 7483738440
Bhilai 8085272202
Bhubaneswar 9338601001/2
Bokaro 6204092727/7654240113
Chennai 9841333433
Cuttack 8249190761
Damanjodi 7008488584 / 8709758380
Dehradun 7060157300, 9717981122
Durgapur 7061926078
Dwarka 9350902825
Faridabad 9310102826
Gaya 9939710444 , 8084156302
Ghaziabad 8826685987, 7428208883
Greater Noida 7290045418
Gurgaon - DLF City 9350902824
Gurgaon - Sector 14 7290045414
Haldwani 8393000831 , 8393000841
Hazaribagh 9097906020
Jaipur - Gopalpura 7976056588
Jaipur - Vaishali 9982166085
Jammu - Bahu Plaza 9906197777
Jammu - Kachi Chawni 9906197777
Jamshedpur 9297871166 , 7672881155
Janakpuri 7291974881
Karimnagar 9676856262, 9676856363
Kathua 9906197777
Kochi 9961978822
Kolkata 8100555444
Kottayam 9961978822 , 9961736611
Kurukshetra 9541949428
Madhubani 9006561551 , 7488067832
Meerut 7451977719
Noida Sector 4 7830000166
Noida Sector 62 9643407593
Panipat 8434070520
Panipat Refinery Township 8826401291
Pathankot 7347630001
Patna 9199426875 , 9534349900
Patna - Boring Road 9534200600
Patna - Kankarbagh 9534200600
Prayagraj 7376361666, 737636266
Punjabi Bagh 7291971951
Raipur 7714280999‬, 9589208770
Ranchi 6207157234, 7976346440
Rohtak 9999787562
Rudrapur 9023777161, 9389936098
Safdarjung 9313802825
Shamli 95990 19133 , 9717981122
Siliguri 9339059745
South Extension 8588801206
Surat 9377702225 , 9724100707
Varanasi 8793025687 , 7902041387
Vikaspuri 7291974880
Yamunanagar 7404644441