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NEET 2023 - 2025
2 Year Classroom Program
For Students of Class XI

16 Hours Weekly | Duration : 2 Year

NEET 2023 - 2024
1 Year Classroom Program
For Students of Class XII

16 Hours Weekly | Duration : 1 Year

NEET 2023 - 2024
1 Year Classroom Program
For XII Pass Students

20 Hours Weekly | Duration : 1 Year



VMC Biology Educator's Summit 2023


It was a wet humid morning in July 2016, when I received an emotional letter from a brilliantly gifted child named Aadhya, studying in class X, living in the suburbs of Delhi. She asked me that Why VMC is not offering the same level-playing field to medical aspirants as it does to engineering aspirants? This bold question by an unknown student stumped me completely. She further asked... Do we (medical aspirants) have no right to have the VMC advantage? Why don't you do something for students who have a dream to become distinguished doctors of our nation? After reading the letter, I was riding high on emotions... I was happy and sad at the same moment, happy because a child has complete trust on our abilities and is ready to give herself to nurture her dream and sad because I never thought it so intensely about building my team in medical entrance preparation to give advantage to these gifted students, That is when the idea to start coaching for medical entrance examination took birth, Today, I am proud to dedicate to students like Aadhya....

That is when the idea to start coaching for medical entrance examination took birth. Today, I am proud to dedicate to become life-savers.

The Medical Division

...open to all students aspiring to become Life-savers.

Shyam Mohan Gupta

Founder VMC


Vidyamandir Classes (VMC), a name synonymous with IIT JEE and other SALIENT FEATURES engineering entrance preparation in our country... a name that has generated faith among millions of parents........a name that has built the dreams of millions of students, who have once dreamt to be an engineer....VMC had adopted his/ her dream and we have worked jointly to convert that mere dream into reality of becoming an engineer. When our students become eligible to turn engineers, we tell them...."It is just the beginning of road, and many miles are yet to be covered before you sleep". These are the values a child imbibes when they join hand with VMC to nurture/out see their dream VMC now offers the same advantage to all medical aspirants of Delhi & NCR....the same philosophy with which we have worked with our engineering aspirants, we are now opening gates for all students, who are dreaming to become medical practitioner to help them fulfil their dream and help in building a robust healthcare system in our country. This was done after a lot of careful research about the needs of medical aspirants and planning / designing a course that can be, of great help to students in building their dream. This was also done due to the constant encouragements and advises from the hundreds of parents that VMC must do something for students preparing for medical entrance examinations NEET So, after thorough discussion among our core team that"Are we ready to shoulder such a responsibility?" we have finally agreed to take on the challenge and thought of working along with the students to make them the best doctors & medical practitioners of our country. You can completely rely on VMC for NEET.

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